Starting on June 8, 2018, a special clean-up dumpster will be available for our community.   The dumpster will be located at the clubhouse area.  This is your chance to get rid of items that cannot and should not be placed in or around the regular dumpster.

Please do not put household garbage in this dumpster (ex. kitchen garbage, food products). Remember, no hazardous material or electronics can be put in any dumpster!

Image result for dumpster icon

In addition to the neighborhood clean-up dumpster that will arrive on June 8, the LWEPOA office made arrangements with a local metal  scrapper to provide a separate trailer for metal items.  Metal items can include white goods such as old refrigerators or dishwashers.  In the event that you cannot bring your metal items to the trailer at the clubhouse, the scrap company can arrange to come to you.

Do not attempt to discard old TV sets.  These cannot be taken by the metal recycler.   The video camera is on and we will see you.


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