The water service from well A1 continues to be disrupted because of a water leak in the upper section of the neighborhood.  The Clubhouse has water.  It is open daily starting at 6:00 am for showers,  restroom, dish washing etc. while diagnosis and repairs continue.

There has been a major leak somewhere along the line, and it has eluded our efforts to find it for approximately two weeks.   There is a series of issues that deter efforts to repair the leak.

  • Aged plastic water lines are failing at an unexpected rate.
  • The water line map does not accurately reflect the lines.
  • The current water line configuration does not lend itself to isolating a leak.
  • A new water line company had to be hired, so we are starting over with the new company.

The water line is being redesigned and reconfigured with changes occurring most every day.  Four new control valves have been installed.  More could be added.  Standard test procedures are defined and in use.  We are narrowing down the location of leaks and they are being repaired when found.

Those of us who are affected are surely not happy about this.  We appreciate your understanding and support.  Volunteer board members are working with the new crew  to solve these problems.  In the end, we will have a more reliable A1 water service.


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