If you have recently stopped in or used the community clubhouse, we hope you notice that we are trying to make it a nice place to gather and enjoy. We want it to be an asset to our community. Time and funds have gone into cleaning, painting, decorating and purchasing nicer furniture and some new games.

There are security cameras and of course the door cards which allow us to track what is going on inside and outside the clubhouse.  We don’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing the records, however, we need to check them periodically when we notice things out of place or damaged.  A recent example, when reviewing records recently, we noticed that several people were standing and laying on our new cornhole game.  We can track back to the members and guests should furniture, games or appliances are found to be damaged.  In such cases, we will require the Lot Owner whose name is associated with the door pass to pay for the replacement amount.

Clubhouse bar area

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