The Pike County Board of Elections provided the office with information about mail-in ballots for the 2020 election.  This is something new that might be helpful to you so that you do not have to wait in line at the polls.

Select the “Mail-in Ballot FAQs 1” link directly below to see the rules about the mail-in ballot program.

Mail-In Ballot FAQs 1    Frequently Asked Questions about Mail-in Ballots

Mail In Application       Application to print and mail if you do not want to register on-line.

Anyone can receive a Mail-In Ballot with no reason or excuse needed.  (Note that this is different from an Absentee Ballot).

The quickest way to apply for a Mail-In/Absentee Ballot is online at If you provide an email address when applying online you can track your ballot. You will receive email notifications as your application goes through the process of being approved, your ballot mailed, and your ballot received.

Paper applications are available to print out and mail to your county elections office at or , or you may pick up an application at the Pike County Election Office, 506 Broad St., Milford PA 18337.

You can also call the Pike County Elections Office at 570-296-3427 and request an application be mailed to you.

Mail-In Ballot FAQ Booklets, applications and voter registration forms sent by the Board of Elections are also available in the LWEPOA office for your convenience.  You can print the application by clicking the link above (Mail In Application).

Again, please read the document found by selecting the Mail-In Ballot FAQs 1 hyperlink ablove.





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