One day the docks are in the parking lot. The next day they are in the water. How does this happen? With a some heavy equipment and staff help from a local contractor, the Dockmaster, Joe Irving directs a team of LWE volunteers to install the docks. After a long day, the docks are floating in position ready to accept members boats. A lot of planning, inspecting and even some construction work takes place over the winter and spring months to prepare for the opening of the boating season. This past winter, Joe and Dave Dietz built two new dock sections for C dock. This saved the community money and it provided high quality replacement sections to ensure safety of the community and guests. Glenn Reilly, Mike Gianfrancesco, Joseph and Christopher Irving, and Will Gessner assisted Joe and Dave on “dock day”. Laura Wasylyk, our Office Manager coordinated activities in advance to make sure everything would go smoothly. (Social distancing was in effect!) Volunteer support for your neighborhood takes place all the time. Often times it is from a board member but other members volunteer, too. It’s not always easy to see the results but they are there often behind-the-scenes, whether it’s the clubhouse, moving the docks all summer, the water system, the roads, street signs, roadside cutting, litter removal, fallen tree clean-up, or any number of activities, volunteers support the community. Thanks to all the community volunteers!

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