Here are some things to think about before you arrive at the ramp area to enjoy the dock area or launch or retrieve your watercraft ( e.g., boat, jet ski, canoe, kayak, etc.)

Park your car or truck or golf cart or ATV away from the ramp area.

Fish only from the fishing dock. Watch out for people traversing the docks or the beach area.

Protect small children and have them wear a life jacket when they are near the water.

Fueling your watercraft at the dock or ramp area is potentially dangerous and not allowed.

Always park your trailer above in the clubhouse lot or at your house. Never leave your trailer in the lower dock area.

If you are new to launching a watercraft, choose a time to learn when the ramp area is empty. Mid-morning or later afternoon of a beautiful day when there is a line waiting to launch is not a good time to learn how to launch your boat.

Prepare your watercraft before you get to the ramp. The more time you take at the ramp getting ready to launch could cause someone else to wait unnecessarily.

Don’t forget to install your boat’s drain plugs before launching!

Have a friend help you launch your boat. One to drive and one to handle the boat makes the job safe and quick.

Don’t leave your watercraft floating near the ramp when you drive your trailer to the upper lot. Move it to the temporary slip or tie it off far out of the way, temporarily.

Don’t take time to socialize while launching or retrieving your watercraft. Get the job done as quickly and safely as possible, and then have fun!

One thought on “Boat Ramp and Dock Area Etiquette

  1. Hello Complaint— Also in addition to the dock and boat etiquette please make sure your boat is tied up properly so all boats can enter and exit their boats without a problem. Due to the wind up at the lake boats that are not tied properly float out into the space to enter and exit   One boat in particular with an orange buoy attached on the one side is not tied properly It was very very difficult to enter our dock which is on the end as well and across from you–because it was floating into the space for us to dock our boat–thus we missed it and tried again–please tie your boat tight–going to the all boat owners who are on the end–it is especially necessary–   Be respectful to other boat owners–thank you   Cindy Scanlon  


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