Every five years the lake authority significantly lowers the water level of the lake to allow for maintenance of the dam. This year is a lake drawdown year! We expect low water levels by early September, even before the drawdown commences the week after Labor Day.

This year, you must remove your boats from our docks by the end of Labor Day, September 6, 2021. On the next day, September 7, 2021, the dock committee, made up of LWE volunteers, will dismantle the docks and drag them to the shore.

We expect the lake level to recede quickly after Labor Day. We see no other option than to have you remove your boat by the end of Labor Day to prevent your boat from being stuck in the mud and to protect the docks. The dock removal contractor will not be able to move the docks to the parking lot until September 14. Bringing the docks to the shore on the day after Labor Day will prevent them from being stuck in the mud and being destroyed over the winter months.

One thought on “Notice! Lake drawdown and early boat removal

  1. We recognize this early removal date is not desirable. We don’t like it either. We feel we have no other good choices available to us. We expect the water level to be very low by Labor Day and even lower shortly afterwards.


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