Recreation & General Updates

Hurricane Ida Preparation & Precaution 

September 1, 2021 – In preparation for the significant amount of rainfall forecasted from Hurricane Ida, starting today (September 1) through tomorrow (Thursday, September 2), Brookfield Renewable will be releasing additional waters via spillage from Lake Wallenpaupack. The spillage is a precautionary and routine measure to reduce the lake level and minimize downstream impacts caused by the storm event. The controlled release is expected to start as soon as noon today, and the amount may be subject to variation based upon incoming precipitation. The water, released through the spillway gates, will be channeled into Wallenpaupack Creek and subsequently flow into the Lackawaxen River. Again, this is a precautionary measure, part of routine operations during a significant precipitation event, and there is no safety concern. We will keep you advised of additional developments.

Recreation & General Updates

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