On the A1 well water system, as of today, only the clubhouse and one home are without water. The homeowner has been notified. We hope both buildings are back in service tomorrow.

Reminder: if your home gets its water from well A1, you remain on a water boil advisory and this will run for a period of time after the last water line break is repaired. The advisory will remain in effect until our water company determines that the water is safe to consume without boiling.

While the repair work was going on, additional water lines and a shut-off valve were added to the A1 system to help solve such a problem faster the next time.

A special thanks goes out to the R. R. Wilmot team for working out in the severe cold, snow and freezing rain to solve this problem. Thanks to Joe and Alex for assisting and advising, out in the elements, while the Wilmot team was working.

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