Reminder about pool rules

With the less than optimal forecast for the July 4th holiday weekend, you might want to take advantage of the LWE pool. Please remember and remind your guests to pay attention to the rules for the pool area. There are fines and penalties with no warnings if you don’t follow the rules. We rely on each other to maintain strict health and safety protocols by following the rules. Here is a recap of the rules.

Babies with diapers in the pool – use a waterproof diaper cover.

Dispose of diapers in the dumpster outside. Don’t leave them in the pool area.

Children and guests must be supervised by an adult LWEPOA member.

No glass objects in the pool area.

No food or beverages in the pool area.

Do not allow the rear doors to stay open.

Swimming only – no running, sports or horse-play.

No pool toys that could injure another.

No pets allowed in the pool area.

Please do not part vehicles near the dumpster

Yesterday someone parked their UTV side-by-side near the dumpster during the time that the trash truck came to empty our dumpster. There was nothing for the trash truck driver to do but leave without emptying the dumpster. Please be careful to not park your vehicles or trailers near the main dumpster. Thank you.

The Clubhouse in Action

Your clubhouse was in rare but elegant form over the weekend. You might have noticed a wedding took place there on Saturday. We don’t believe the clubhouse ever looked this good! Congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom. You too can hold your events at your clubhouse, for a nominal fee. Contact the office for details. Here are a few photos of the arrangements.