Notice of January 2022 Board Meeting

The next board of director’s meeting will be held on January 30, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. To receive remote access instructions for the electronic meeting, please send an email to with your name and lot #. If you are a property owner in the LWEPOA community, you should receive a follow-up email with the meeting information.

Meetings are recorded to facilitate documenting meeting minutes afterwards. Connections are muted until the members open session which will be announced during the meeting. Feel free to turn on your camera. Please keep your comments and questions brief. This is your opportunity to directly communicate your needs or concerns to the board. Should you want to register a complaint or concern, please do not identify a person or property address directly in the open forum. Details can be provided to the office following the normal complaint process.

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Good News! The Leak on a Water Line in the Well A1 System was Found

A rubber hose in a garage that was connected to a water pipe leading to the outside gave out and caused the loss of water on the A1 system. The problem is resolved and well A1 water usage should be back down to normal. Thanks to the property owners who provided status and responded to the problem. We really appreciate it.

We believe we know the location of the smaller leak on the B5 water line. This will be attended to asap.

Thanks again!

Check your home for water leaks

Wells A1 and B5 are experiencing high water use since yesterday. If you are not staying at your house right now please consider having someone check your house for broken pipes or for other signs of leaks. If you are at home please check your toilets and sinks to make sure they are not leaking, or that you don’t have broken pipes in the basement.