Adding comments to website posts

New for 2018, you may comment on news posts that appear on our website.  Each comment will need to be approved by the webmaster before it can appear on the website.  As a community volunteer, the webmaster is not always available immediately to react to your attempted comments.   Comments could take more than one day to take hold.

If you wish to comment, you will need to include your name and email address.  Follow the prompts generated by the website if you attempt to leave a comment.

This is a public forum.  Approval of comments is subjective and at the prerogative of the webmaster.

Show your community pride!

Lake Wallenpaupack Estates            T-shirts – $8           Hoodies – $22

LWE rocks!   (There’s a double entendre in there, if you get my drift.)  Let everyone know you are part of our terrific community by wearing your LWE shirt.   Send your order requests to the office via email or stop by while the office is open.  Specify type of shirt, color, size (S – M – L – XL – XXL) and number of shirts to order.   The graphic and letters are available only in black.   Thanks to Laura for organizing and making these shirts available to us.