Please do not part vehicles near the dumpster

Yesterday someone parked their UTV side-by-side near the dumpster during the time that the trash truck came to empty our dumpster. There was nothing for the trash truck driver to do but leave without emptying the dumpster. Please be careful to not park your vehicles or trailers near the main dumpster. Thank you.

Boil Advisory- Well A1

If you receive your water supply from well A1 please note that you are under a water boil advisory. Boil water before drinking it.

A leaking water line was discovered and repaired today. This caused the boil alert. you should have received (or will soon receive) the recorded message from our water service company. The advisory can be in effect for many days. Please follow the boil advisory until you receive the next call which will cancel the advisory.

Why we do not allow fueling at the docks

Our community rules do not allow fueling of watercraft at the docks. Although this rule is not passed down from the lake authority, many communities along the lake shore also do not allow fueling at their docks. Our insurance carrier recommends that we take this Risk Management Control to reduce the risk of injury, property destruction and death. Should we decide to not follow the recommendation of the insurance company, our policy coverage could be reduced, its cost increased, or it could be cancelled.

Your Board of Directors will not alter the current rule. For your own and your neighbor’s safety, do not attempt to fuel your watercraft at our dock area. The fine for fueling at the docks or in the dock area is $300 and you will forfeit your access to the docks or the dock area and ramp.

If a Fire Erupts on Your Boat