LWEPOA Office Manager

After many years of excellent service to our community, Laura Roos, our Office Manager, is leaving. Many of you know that last year, Laura was elected to a position in her local township as Tax Collector. She recently decided to focus her attention on that role. We wish Laura well and thank her for being such a great supporter and friend to our community.

Now we look for her replacement and that’s where your help is needed. Please help us in our search. Spread the word and reach out to your personal network. The job announcement is attached to this post. If you know of someone, please send their contact details to this email address: lwepoasecretary@ptd.net.

Update on Clubhouse External Repair

The huge hole in front of the clubhouse is no longer an empty hole. It is filled in with the concrete vault that is added to the front of the basement. The vault structure is nearly complete. The contractors will build an inside entrance into the vault area, with access from the basement.  Next, the steel beam and concrete roof of the vault will be installed.  The vault will then be waterproofed.  They are still devising a drainage solution – a) connect to an existing drain on the left or b) connect to the drain on the right.  The handicap ramp will be restored.  After this work is completed, hopefully in the next several weeks, we expect the building to be open on a regular basis.  Finally, the new structure will be covered with minimal landscaping (e.g., decorative grasses) to be performed by community volunteers. 

We are in the process of contacting an engineering firm to provide an estimate to evaluate the integrity of steel beams in the clubhouse basement ceiling (main floor support) and the air exchange in the pool area.  With several projects in our recent history to replace exposed corroded steel beams in the lower level utility and rest room areas, we want to make sure there are no other corrosion problems.  We also want to determine how to control the corrosive and damp atmosphere of the pool area to stop any future damage.  The date for opening the pool is contingent upon the engineering assessment. We will keep you posted.