Reminder About Signs

Signs for advertising purposes shall not be erected or maintained on the Lot (s) or on, or in, any building on the Lot (s), except for “For Sale” or “For Rent” real estate signs not exceeding four (4) square feet in size.

This a quote from your by-laws. Please remove signs from your property that do not meet this requirement. Thank you.

Clubhouse exterior repair work Sept 7-8

Avoid the clubhouse and dumpster on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Construction repair work will be going on at the exterior front of the clubhouse. We’re open but please be careful as the parking lot will not be available because of heavy equipment and workers.

Check your boats!

After the heavy rains in the last week there is a lot of debris in the water and it might be sitting against your dock and your boat. it is a good idea to check your surroundings before starting and moving your boat. Please be careful on the water this weekend as the river and lake will surely have some surprises in store for us.