The latest about the lake level from Brookfield (lake owner)

Recreation & General Updates

Hurricane Ida Preparation & Precaution 

September 1, 2021 – In preparation for the significant amount of rainfall forecasted from Hurricane Ida, starting today (September 1) through tomorrow (Thursday, September 2), Brookfield Renewable will be releasing additional waters via spillage from Lake Wallenpaupack. The spillage is a precautionary and routine measure to reduce the lake level and minimize downstream impacts caused by the storm event. The controlled release is expected to start as soon as noon today, and the amount may be subject to variation based upon incoming precipitation. The water, released through the spillway gates, will be channeled into Wallenpaupack Creek and subsequently flow into the Lackawaxen River. Again, this is a precautionary measure, part of routine operations during a significant precipitation event, and there is no safety concern. We will keep you advised of additional developments.

Recreation & General Updates

Access to your boat

Thanks to Joe Irving and Glenn Reilly for adjusting the docks today so that we can pull our boats or go out on the lake. The dock anchors will be adjusted tomorrow afternoon from 2-4 so be prepared if you expect to leave or return to the dock during that time.

The Clubhouse in Action

Your clubhouse was in rare but elegant form over the weekend. You might have noticed a wedding took place there on Saturday. We don’t believe the clubhouse ever looked this good! Congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom. You too can hold your events at your clubhouse, for a nominal fee. Contact the office for details. Here are a few photos of the arrangements.

LWEPOA Building Restrictions

Now that the weather is warming up, we would like to bring your attention to a few selected LWEPOA by-laws that are important in preserving the aesthetics, safety, and value of our neighborhood.   Please take note of these excerpts from the by-laws if you are thinking about building or adding a new structure to your house, placing a shed, building a garage, or clearing trees from your lot(s).

By-laws – Article XII

Section 12.01- Building Restrictions

(e) No building or structure shall be erected upon any Lot (s) without first obtaining the approval in writing of the Association’s Planning Committee as to

  • location,
  • elevation,
  • plan; and
  • design.

Plans drawn to scale must be submitted in duplicate for approval. They should show

  • dimensions of the Lot;
  • Lot and Section Numbers;
  • location of buildings with respect to Lot lines;
  • location of well and septic tank on Lot, and their locations with respect to wells and septic tanks on adjoining Lots, if any.

Any requirements, standards and recommendations of State and local authorities are to be followed in these matters.  [This means you must work directly with Greentown Township to obtain permits if required.]

The Planning Committee [otherwise known as the Building Committee] shall approve or disapprove the said location elevation, plan, and design within 30 days after the same have been submitted to the Committee.

(f) No Owner shall clear his lot of brush, trees, or anything of an inflammable nature, except after having first obtained approval of the Association’s Planning Committee in writing. Such approval shall specify the time and manner in which such clearing shall be made. No open or uncontained fires are to be started on any Lot without a written permit from the association, including, but not limited to, the burning of wood, leaves, or other materials. All fires shall be attended by an adult.

(q) No chain link or metal fences can be installed after September 30 2008. Other types of fences like wood or plastic are allowed with a height of no greater than 5 feet, unless it is around a pool then town codes will apply (adopted 9-28-2008).  [Chain link fences installed before 9-28-2008 are “grandfathered” and permitted.]

Section 12.02 – Building requirements for accessory buildings

DEFINITIONS: Sheds: An Accessory Building No Larger than 10 Feet x 15 Feet and/or a Maximum of 150 Square Feet. A Building larger than 10′ by 15′ and/or 150 Square Feet will qualify under the definition ”GARAGE” and must be attached to the existing structure, maximum size not to exceed 30′ in length and 24′ of width.  [Note: Sheds and Garages are both Accessory Buildings]

1. Height of Accessory Building will not exceed Height of existing primary structure.

2. Accessory Building must be placed on an enclosed platform or concrete foundation. The space between the ground and floor of Accessory Building must be enclosed. An Accessory Building defined as a Garage must be placed on a foundation of concrete footings and floor.

3. Exterior of Accessory Building must conform to exterior of existing structure, per discretion of the Board of Directors.

4. Accessory Buildings must be placed to Rear or Side of existing principle structure.

5. Accessory Buildings must be placed within [the] 15′ Set-Back of the existing Rear and Side Property Boundary Lines.

6. Accessory Building must be for non-residential purposes only. Change only one (1) to only two (2) unattached accessory building per Lot.

7. All Plans submitted for approval must include

  • dimensions,
  • type of construction,
  • type of foundation; and
  • Plot Plan.

8. Plot Plans for Accessory Buildings defined as a Garage must include placement and construction of a driveway.

9. A copy of the Township Permit must be presented with Plans for construction of an Accessory Building defined as a Garage.  [Note: this does not apply to a Shed.]

10. Plans must identify whether the property owner or an outside contractor will be responsible for construction of Accessory Building.

11. Two sets of building Plans must be submitted to the Board of Directors. One will be signed by 3 Board Members and returned. There is a $10.00 Fee for all Plans submitted. The Board of Directors has 30 days to approve or disapprove submitted Plans. Construction will commence only when Plans are approved by the Board, and when all required Permits have been secured.

12. No Excavation, Brush Clearing and/or Tree Removal will be permitted prior to approval of Plans by Board of Directors.

13. Construction [or placement] of an unattached Accessory Building [defined as a shed] must be completed within 3 months of the Board of Directors approval of Plans and within 6 months of approval of Plans for an Accessory Building defined as a Garage.

14. Any Property Owner not complying with any of the above Building Requirements will be subject to Fines determined by the Board of Directors not to exceed $1,000.00 per violation plus any legal fees incurred by the Association.

15. After a ”NOTICE OF VIOLATION” has been issued, the Property Owner will have 30 days to correct non-compliance or be subject to Fines and/or Order to Remove Accessory Building.

16. Any changes or exceptions to the above Rules will be at the discretion of the L.W.E.P.O.A. Board of Directors.

You can find our by-laws and many other important documents here.