Solar Eclipse Today

A partial solar eclipse can be seen in our area today in the mid-afternoon.

Please follow this link to see more information and tips from NASA on viewing today’s solar eclipse.

NASA also provides a live stream of the eclipse.  You can see NASA’s live stream of the eclipse here.

Here is another website to provide you information about the eclipse.





Update on Community Clean-up – July 22

In addition to the neighborhood clean-up dumpster that will arrive on July 22 at the clubhouse,  the LWEPOA office made arrangements with a local metal  scrapper to provide a separate trailer for metal items.  Metal items can include white goods such as old refrigerators or dishwashers.  In the event that you cannot bring your metal items to the trailer at the clubhouse, the scrap company can arrange to come to you.

We will provide the contact information on July 22 when the scrap metal trailer arrives.  Watch the website for more information.